, the decision company

I have always been passionate about technology and what it can do to transform business. Similarly, I was very fortunate to have had the chance to work in international company and meet many customers in the middle east. During that time it was obvious to me that the region is in very need for a private AI research company that attempt to bridge the gap between research institutes and private sector. Truth be told, it isn’t simply remarkable to the Arab world but indeed for the whole world. That is why big tech companies are in race to build the most advanced AI platforms.

So, was born to partner with researchers and private sector to build the most comprehensive AI decision support platform. is a young research-led startup company that aims to solve a broad range of decision problems. We believe succeeding in digital transformation requires blurring the divide between academic research and business innovation.

Four research areas. One goal: create an AI decision platform

Supercharging the decisions making backed with four powerful research areas that make you ready for competitively by affect and manage outcomes and reduce risks.

Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL): Build adoptive models to predict consequences of behavior via interaction with environment. The goal is to create an incentivized agents capable of making and evolving decisions.

Probabilistic Modeling: When making decisions in complex and uncertain environment machine learning algorithms alone are not sufficient. This is where probabilistic models are needed to either forecast or support other machine learning algorithms in making better predictions.

Multi Agent Systems (Game Theory): To reach out to the best possible decision an agent based system compete or collaborate to optimize the recommendation using game theory.

Econometrics: Machine learning algorithms are not built to deal with causalities and causal inference as econometric models do. We combine machine learning algorithms with econometric models to help understand economic and policy uncertainties.

I’m very excited about the challenges and opportunities ahead and I look forward to work with our customers and partners to transform their business.